LEP Article 12th Oct 2012

Source www.lep.co.uk
Lancashire Evening Post, Friday, October 12,2012
By Laura Wild
Sunny Sundays don’t seem to come about that often — especially not in October — So with the sun shining we headed out for a walk.
We didn’t get very far on the walk before my new boots started to rub, so we stopped off at the first pub we came across.
The Withy Arms is pretty much right in the centre of Bamber Bridge and painted in submarine grey, it is hard to miss.
I have written stories about the pub before so filled Michael in on how the manager is one of the youngest in the country, but this is the first time we have been in.
One of the first things that struck me on the way in was the ‘rules’ which adorn the entrance saying ‘no urban sportswear’, ‘no swearing’ and ‘dress code’.
It didn’t put me off in the slightest— because we wanted to have a quiet
drink and a chat, just like everyone else I guess.
When we got inside the place was absolutely packed out with people having Sunday Dinner and it smelt gorgeous, it was just a pity I couldn’t convince Michael to let us have tea out… again.
When we got to the bar somebody was being served and we were happy to wait but another member of staff jumped on the bar straight away to serve us.
The service was second to none. I went for a Kopparberg Mixed Berries and yes, you guessed it, Michael went for a Budweiser. There was a huge selection of drinks from soft drinks to cider and cask ales to coffee.
Inside the pub the grey theme continues, everything looks shiny and new and compares to the ‘country feel’ pubs we have visited. The Withy Arms is really modern. It feels clean and fresh and most of all really friendly. The majority of the seats in the main bar were taken by people having their dinner so we headed into the side room.
It seemed this was the place for regulars, they were all chatting at the bar and as new punters entered they greeted us and the rest of the room with a ‘hello.’
The pub also has free Wi-Fl, it is probably something that is better for businessmen in the week, but it did come in handy to settle a debate that we were having over who sung a particular song.
After putting in the lyrics of the chorus I was obviously right again. And this column is now the official record of me having a more extensive knowledge of music than my fella. What did we ever do before Google? There are posters both in and outside about the pub being in the 2013 CAMRA Good Pub Guide and it is safe to say they are right to shout about it.
We will certainly be going back.