Youngs London Gold Cask Ale 4.0ABV

Young’s London Gold is key member of the Young’s range. As the name suggests it’s a golden beer with a refreshing taste.

London Gold is available as a cask beer and also as a bottle conditioned beer.

The bottled conditioned variant is an unpasteurised, living beer, matured in the bottle for a fuller, more complex, multi-dimensional, fresher taste. With no artificial carbonation, the only fizz is the natural effervescence created by fermentation.

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Marstons Old Empire 5.7%ABV

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In the 19th Century, Burton-upon-Trent became famous for brewing the best beer for export to thirsty ex-pats and colonial soldiers in India.

With its pale appearance, strong hoppy taste and higher alcoholic strength Marston’s Old Empire comprises all the genuine characteristics of a true India Pale Ale, which were necessary to last the three month journey from Burton to Bombay. Old Empire is brewed using optic malt, a subtle and paler grain that will allow other flavours to come through on the palate. Goldings and Fuggle Hops are added to this brew, which is then late hopped with the American Cascade variety for extra hop strength.